Frequently Asked Questions

Production and Pricing

How much does a belt cost?
Premium Style Belts
3 Plate Championship Belt — 1/8” thick metal on hand-tooled leather
Gold Plated - $1325
Nickel (Silver) Plated - $1275
5 Plate Championship Belt — 1/8” thick metal on hand-tooled leather
Gold Plated - $1500
Nickel (Silver) Plated - $1450
Mid-Level Style
3 plates (5 plates available), 1/16" thick 3 or 5 Plate Belts — 1/16" thick , Gold or Nickel plated, on black faux leather strap. Shape of plates must remain consistent with belt pictured here. (Color/Paint is not available with this style)
3 Plate Championship Belt - $875 (starting at for Nickel)
5 Plate Championship Belt - $1100 (starting at for Nickel)
Economy Style Belts
3 Plate — 1/16” thick Gold or Silver colored metal with black artwork on PVC faux leather strap
(Color/Paint is not available with this style)
3 Plate Economy Style Championship Belt - $375
5 Plate Economy Style Championship Belt - $475
Other limitations apply, please review: Economy Belts
See also: Prices and Policies
How big are the belts?
Pricing based on the centerplate being approximately 10” x 10” and the side plates being approximately
4” x 4” or a variation of those dimensions, i.e. 9x11, 8x12, 3x5, etc.
* Larger plates can be produced. This may require additional fees.
Wildcat also offers ‘stacked’ plate belts (see an example: XMMA Belt). This look is sharp, but will add more to the total cost. This would require a custom price quote once the design is produced.
How is the Artwork produced?
You tell wildcat what you want on your belt through: email, sketches, fax, etc. Your design may based off your own art or another belt made by Wildcat, or a custom design can be made from scratch. Wildcat will produce a proof for your review via email. Based on your feedback, Wildcat will adjust the art until it is exactly what you want.
example customer proof
example customer proof
example customer proof
Example proof(s) provided to customer (original customer sketch: left, color proof: middle, revised: right). See the final belt approved as approved by the customer here.
How long does it take to make a belt?
Premium Style belts take approx 10-12 weeks. Mid-level Style belts take approx 6-8 weeks. Economy style take approx 4 weeks.
Can I pay a Rush fee to get the belt quicker?
Rush orders are not available at this time.


Are WWE belts available for purchase?
Not at this time, sorry. This includes the Zack Ryder Internet Belt.
Are TNA belts available for purchase?
The TNA World Heavyweight Championship Belt is available.
The TNA X Division Championship Belt is available.

Payment Terms

What are the Payment Options?
Money order or Bank Cashiers Check, Business Check, Paypal, Credit Card, and Wire Transfer.
What are the payment terms?
A down-payment 50% is required in order to have the artwork produced. This Payment is Non-refundable once artwork has been produced.
A digital photo of the completed belt will be sent to you and the remainder of the balance will then be due. Once the balance is paid, the belt will be shipped.
Economy Style belts require payment in full, up front.

Shipping Info

What are the shipping fees?
Shipping within the USA is $60 for Premium and Brass Style belts. $30 for Economy style belts
Does Wildcat ship overseas?
Yes, we ship Worldwide using UPS. Shipping outside of North American is approx $200 USD.
Are there discounts available for multiple belt orders?
Yes, but only when 5 belts or more are ordered AT THE SAME TIME. Contact us for details.