Custom Fabricated Championship Belts

Wildcat Championship Belts produces belts for all types of events or occasions. Custom or corporate logos, event titles and themes are all possible. Wildcat can create artwork from concept to completion, or pattern a design based on your specifications.

You supply your idea of what you want your belt to look like. It can be very basic or very specific. You can provide a rough sketch or just a description of your idea. Provide any logos or images that you want to include, preferably as vector art in either .ai or .eps file format. (More information on vector art can be found here and why we need it here.)

Design Process

Wildcat Belts will interpret your ideas and provide a proof of the artwork via email. You can approve it or make any changes that you want. This process will go back and forth as many times as necessary until the art is exactly what you want.

production examples Sample concept sketch — initial rough idea as provided by the customer.

production examples Sketch converted to black and white belt proof line-art.

production examples Black and white proof converted to color for final approval.

production examples Final belt as created by the artwork above.

Plate Production

Once the art is approved, production will begin. The plates will be engraved.
Next, they will be plated, and hand-painted per your approved design.

production examples Raw engraved plates prior to plating and painting.

production examples Hand-painted inlays on plates.

Hand-Tooled Leatherwork

The leather strap will be cut and tooled to accentuate the plates to be added later. The leather is then dyed or painted a custom color (as shown here, here, here, and here). Fasteners are added and the strap awaits the finished plates.

production examples Edge contours designed and cut to compliment the plates.

production examples Hand-tooled edge scallops.

production examples Texture details and Wildcat boilerplate.

production examples Early stage of dying process.

production examples Polished dyed leather.

production examples Finished leather belt strap.

Final Assembly

The plates are affixed to the strap and the belt is complete.

production examples Final belt as created by the artwork above.